The Ladder

Educational and employment opportunities provide the rungs on the ladder for female ex-offenders to climb to self-sufficiency and economic empowerment. These opportunities improve the quality of life for the women and their children. They also make it less likely for these women to become repeat offenders, homeless, or sentenced to a life of abject poverty.

The first thing female ex-offenders need upon their release from prison is community-based, transitional housing programs and support services. After they successfully have participated in such programs, they are then ready to step onto the ladder  -  The Lady’s Ladder. With the goal of achieving self sufficiency and economic empowerment, The Lady’s Ladder program:

Women who participate in The Lady’s Ladder program must commit to community service involvement. This builds the women’s self-esteem. It also exposes others to the talents these women have to offer. The Lady’s Ladder seeks to serve female ex-offenders who have demonstrated a commitment to self-sufficiency - women who have a vision for their lives.

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